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TopCats Newsletter October 2013
The Resort
We would like to thank all our customers for your support over the last 12 months and would very much like you all to visit on your next trip to Thailand. Please book as soon as you have your dates to avoid disappointment.

The lakeside bungalows have had an excellent response and booking for these has taken off. The first 4 are ready and the updated web site shows these in pictures outside and in. These have been fitted out with quality fixtures and fittings with hand made solid wood beds Queen Size and Slumberland posture springing Mattress with high quality bedding. The bungalows have been built with energy saving blocks and roofing to keep them cool in hot climate temperatures with double glazed windows and ceramic floor tiles also fitted with Mitsubishi Air conditioning units. Each Bungalow has own bathroom with toilet, hot/cold Shower, Hand Basin and extraction fans and full wet room facilities. Every bungalow has safe for customer use and 32 inch flat screen TV/DVD with Fridge and Kettle and Tea/coffee making facilities, also spare power points to charge camera and phone batteries. These are all 2 meters above ground/lake level so you have a great view around the resort and can watch the fish jumping in the morning and evening time.

Building at present two more lakeside suite bungalows which will have all the above also two seater sofa and coffee table and King Size bed with larger bathroom and private fishing swim area just outside your front door!!

House Boats have all been fitted with awning to cover windows in heavy rain also keep the inside of the boat cool in hot sunny days in conjunction with air conditioning units. Boat Number 1 this boat has double bed and single bed has also been fitted with quiet running air conditioning unit Mitsubishi and has had wood work painted. This Boat is very popular with guest wanting to share so book this early. All the Boats are well equipped and are very popular with customers looking for a romantic setting. All boats have just been painted and repaired where needed for the coming year and wider pathway leading to these.

Fishing Salas and walkways around the resort:
The whole walkway around the lake has been updated now increased the width and length with over 300 New plants and trees and grass laid to enhance the resort. The tropical trees out here grow very quickly and 4/6 months’ time you won’t believe what it will look like. The back Private swim Boat has now had two new south facing swims put in and these look very good with shade from the tree line and some hot fishing spots. We have 6 swims that only people staying on the resort can use thus giving you that private feeling and little upgrade. The day tickets have their swims which are ideal for small groups and family wanting to use the pool and bar area.

We have New Oxygen systems around our lake that give the water that feel good factor for all our fish. This not only keeps them healthy it makes them more active and thus eats more and yes you catch more!! Also we have now completed a full filtration system for the lake which is similar to a pond system but on a larger scale so behind the seen work has been going on. All our holding tanks have been replaced and updated or should we say our fish hotel area for them to recover overnight and relax for their next camera appearance.

TopCats is a runs water and happy to be called one or known as one. Runs water with 300 LBS fish!! Don’t know any other place like it in the World do you? We do not deal with any booking agents from the UK they have asked us and we told them all no thanks. People contact us direct for holidays and day tickets so don’t get ripped off by middle men who claim to be associated with fishing in Thailand. All try to copy the No 1 Resort in Thailand please don’t get fooled and miss lead.

Bait TopCats:
We make all our baits on site and will not allow any outside bait to be used so please don’t ask. You would be wasting your time as our fish are used to what we feed them and new options would be treated with suspicion and they won’t eat it. We have 500 KG Boilies in stock at any time various flavours with human grade ingredients used. We have sourced various high quality human grade ingredient from other countries. These are very expensive to use but we feel that these will enhance the quality of the food and quality of the fish for the future.

Fish Stocking:
We have over the last few months sourced and stocked with some more exotic fish:
Giant Siamese Carp 60 fish between 35lbs – 45lbs
Cattla Carp 30 fish between 12lbs – 30lbs
Silver Jumping Asian Carp 10 fish 35lbs – 45lbs
Amazon Redtails 40 fish between 20lbs -60lbs
Arapaima Gigas 60 fish between 1.25meter to 2.00meter up to 165lbs

Total 200 New fish in the lake now and over 100 in our stock ponds & tanks for the future at TopCats keeping us the No 1 Big fish Runs water in Thailand. In money terms that’s over 60 thousand pounds invested in new stock.

Special Stock:
Before Christmas October will be having Four Giant Arapaima Giga 2.25/ 2.5 Meters and weight over 100KG which is true weight so watch out for our stocking video and catch reports on TopCats Fishing Resort Facebook page. 

Arapaima Giga Fishing: NEW!!

We have been asked and demand has dictated this special option as many people want to catch this perastoric fish which are now sought after around the world. We have special swims that these ones hide out in and catch rate is high. They take special care and experienced guide to help to catch these and ensure fish survive trauma and live to fight another day. This has to be booked in advance and experienced anglers in large fishing a must for this or practice first on other swims.
1 person fishing 5 hours Arapaima Rod + Bait + Guide 9500 THB (8.00 – 1.00 or 2.00 – 7.00)

Fishing Tackle:
What kind of tackle do you need at TopCats? You don’t have to bring any as we provide all and now sponsored by: Century Rods with the Excalibur Catfish Rods which have been developed for us after months of testing on these monster fish. These Rods are very strong but have a great playing action when under the tip also have pined reel seats stopping twisting and seat movement. (New for 2013) Big thank you to the Century Team. Reels we use Baitrunners Shimano 1200 D or Longcast or Diawa Infinity X Bait N Run as these are the only ones found up to the job. Line we use Gold Label Tackle Pro Tough 36 LBS Mono thanks to Mr Terry Eustace for a great product. Braid for our Rigs from Kryston and Nash which have been found to stay the distance but Alligator Gar/Pachu still bite through some times.

We now also have a Facebook page where you can post you pictures and video from your visit so please feel free to do this. Also once you have liked the page we will give you 5% discount from your bill on your next visit. Previous to this we were using my facebook page Shaun McNutt but so many people wanted to be friends we needed to create a new business page so if you are friends with me already just follow the link to the TopCats page and like it. Thanks for this as we would like to build a following where you can see other people who have visited and what they have caught and bait used etc. I will still be uploading pictures to my page also the YouTube account for our video. People are now booking via facebook so things are changing rapidly in the technology world and mobile applications. Also Tripadvisor page set up for TopCats one has day tickets reports and the other hotel report from people staying. Please feel free to read these and post a review about your stay if you have time.

Fishing Shows:
The BIG One Farnborough 22/23 February 2014
CARPIN - ON Five Lakes Resort Essex 15/16 March 2014

We will be at both these shows in the UK with the TopCats stand pictures and information for you about booking a trip to Thailand. Our Team will answer any questions you have and help you to make the right choice. TopCats Thailand Premier BIG CARP/ARAPAIMA- GIGA/REDTAIL WATER or just BIG FISH WATER!! Where we treat people like individuals knowing some need more guidance than others and special service for ALL. It’s your holiday and we want you to enjoy your trip and visit year after year making new friends and meeting old ones. We won’t charge over the top prices from 595.00 pounds for a week fishing & accommodation and you only pay deposit at the show 100.00 pounds. This means that pay us deposit and you can book any time over the next 12 months for your trip paying the balance before departure from home to my UK Bank. This is simple just confirm date you would like to visit we check availability once confirmed you’re done. This option saves you approx. 15% on our standard rates which are in Thai Baht.
Catch Report


Lee & Goldie visited from the Philippines for 8 nights and stayed in the New Bungalows and liked these very much. Lee has been to TopCats for a day ticket last year and thought a stay would be good. We stocked the cider for him as requested and had some really nice fish with Giant Siamese Carp to 100 Lbs., Redtails, Wallago Leri quite a big one and many more. Average 6/8 fish per day every day for his stay that’s good angling and well done to him. Both said enjoyed their stay food was excellent thanks to Bim in the kitchen and all the fishing guides for their help and will be back next year at some point.

Gary visited with his wife for a day and just said loves TopCats. He had been for a week before with his brother and son and enjoyed their time here. This time wanted to show his wife the place so they can book a trip next year for a week or more. He was very lucky with lots fish on the day and a special Arapaima albino. Nice size fish and was over joyed with this one and quickly sent the picture back home to Roy his brother. Hope to see a group out here next year for good fishing and hospitality for all.

Mark visited for the first time to TopCats and at first did not know what to expect. But was overjoyed with what he caught over 4 days many fish. Giant Siamese Carp, Redtails and the special Leopard Catfish which was one special good looking and largest one I have seen anywhere in the World. I have posted this on our Facebook page and said any one have picture of a larger one and no response as yet. Mark said number one fishing resort in Thailand where catch rate is fantastic and fish are in superb condition and looked after meticulously. Will be back for a week next year with a few friends, hope to see you soon.

Martin came for 4 days fishing and stayed in the New Bungalow and said quietest aircon units he had ever stayed in. Those are a great compliment for our resort and thank him for that. Martin had some nice fish and loved the big Amazon Redtails and had a few over his stay and some Giant Siamese Carp.

Mike & Mike:
Mike & Mike came over for a few days both originally from California my favourite American state. They were quite amazed by the place and loved the fishing out here. They said food was good company was good guides excellent and the fish in fantastic condition. They both caught some nice fish and loved the Giant Siamese Carp that we now have over 250 stocked in the lake to 155 LBS. They had these to 90 LBS and said will be back for more next year.

Thanks for reading this Newsletter and hope to see you all at some point in the coming months. We update our Facebook page on a weekly basis with the latest catch reports and any other news from Topcats. You can post your pictures from your trip out here also with comments. Please do as we would like to keep you in the TopCats family and keep in contact with friends you have made out here.

We have now TopCats T-Shirts for sale also Baseball caps so just ask for a look on your next visit. That ’s about it for this time from the TopCats Team. Shaun and the TopCats Team.