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TopCats Newsletter November 2017

Resort News

The fishing at TopCats has been very very good over last couple off years, all our fish have grown and many are breading in the lake which is a great sign conditions are good and fish are happy.

Catch rates have been great with the average month over 3000 fish landed !! Thats week in week out with most anglers achieving 10 fish per day. We have had some land 20 ++ fish but we like to under estimate our numbers.
We are one off the few places where we Guarantee Catch Every Full Days Fishing or Money Back.
TopCats Resort
The Lakeside Bungalows have been received well by our customers and comment on the quality of the fixtures & fittings and what a great nights sleep in the beds they have. We believe that the detail in things make a big difference and now all Bungalows have True Vision Sat / TV & Wifi.
What we have found that many customers just want to relax after fishing with a nice meal & few drinks or hot beverage then retire to their Bungalow watch TV or listen to music then get a good nights sleep for fishing the next day. Quite  a few never leave the resort whilst out here as we can provide all they require on site.
The Lakeside Suite Bungalows are our recommendation for couples as larger with King Beds also a two seater sofa also larger bathrooms and all other facilities. (Baby Cots available).
Note: These all have private swims that are just outside no more than 50 meters / Covered seating with power points & fans etc. (Food & Drinks delivery available)
Note: In all our prices we include Electricity & Bottled Water everyday.
TopCats Bungalows

Fishing Package Prices

All our accommodation & fishing package prices include all your Tackle Hire Cost: 
Century Rods / Shimano Reels / Delkim Alarms / End Tackle.
We have now included Bait in the price as some out their have seen our prices go up over last couple off years but felt it made things simple for every one to understand.
When you stay at TopCats the Bait included you have two options:
Bait Pack (Method Mix , Maize or Corn ,Bread , Dead Bait) & 2KG Boilies (Frozen Fresh)
2 X Bait packs as above & 1KG Boilies
We have found over the years this is enough bait for the day / Should you want more you can buy extra with all items at very reasonable rate.
We also include fishing guide assistance in all our prices as these are full time staff at TopCats and will give you as much help as you require. They will net the fish unhook and treat all hook holds with antiseptic and  then oxygen recovery ready for you to get into the water for a picture.
TopCats Prices

Fish Stocking at TopCats Koh Samui 2018

TopCats has now been going over 12 years & over that time our reputation has grown that we are: 
Great Runs Water with High Catch Rate of Great Quality Large Fish.


We never like not to be moving forward and yes some of the fish have really put some weight on with some could now be classified as Monsters  300lbs ++ Arapaima etc.
But we have also looked into other Species that we could stock that would truly enhance our appeal to others and make a fishing experience second to none. With this in mind and also getting feedback from our regular customers now stocking as follows over next 6 Months.

New Species:

Silver Arowana
Hovern Carp
Chinese Carp
Vundo Catfish
Salween Rita Catfish
Firewood Catfish
Goonch Catfish
Black Shark Minnow Carp

Existing Species: More Stocked 2018

Giant Mekong Catfish to 280lbs ++
Ripsaw Niger Catfish
Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish
Rahu Indian Carp
Amazon Redtails
Asian Redtails
Clown Featherback
Wallagonia  Black to 80lbs ++
Julians Golden Prize Carp
Giant Siamese Carp  150lbs ++
TopCats Fishing
Thats quite a large stocking with over 350 new fish being introduced to build TopCats into the Anglers Paradise we are already seen as by many. With the numbers and stock levels most off these will be catchable and should provide great sport for future years. What we hope to be able to say next year is that TopCats Known As:
Runs Water / High Catch Rate with Many Monsters amongst them.
This will give Anglers best off both worlds with constant action for you match anglers also specimen hunters the chance for a potential world record fish.
When your on Holiday with the family you might not be able to spend a week on the lake!! But a day or half day should be possible and give you a chance to hook into something special in short time.
The Arapaima Special Sessions are just this a 5 Hours slot for predators the Giant Arapaima. This has really been popular over the last couple years with many trophy shots taken.
We still catch Arapaima from all around the lake on different days with various baits so don’t feel you have to do this if your here for a week or two as you will surly get into a few.

 For 2018 we have put together a special package that we feel is a great option for singles / couples that need time to explore Koh Samui and have a rest between fishing.

(Deposit £500.00)

Tackle Hire & Bait included. (Century / Shimano / Delkim)
Fishing Guide Assistance as required
FREE Airport Transfers Koh Samui
Guarantee Catch Every Day
40++ Monsters per week landed per Angler
Note: This is only for 2018 first come basis
See Other Special Prices at TopCats Here
All those out their looking for flights from the UK try Emirates as great prices also Eva Airways.
Both fly to Bangkok then Bangkok Airways to Koh Samui  Direct 50 min or Air Asia to Surattani then ferry to Koh Samui port not far from us.
Thats about it for this Newsletter please follow us on Facebook as we update daily with captures and the latest News from TopCats on Koh Samui. 

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