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TopCats Newsletter November 2015

Resort News
The resort has taken shape well over past 12 months !! Can't believe that it has been that long since our last Newsletter. We have been updating our Facebook page weekly with catch reports and lots new video footage around the resort so please check this out - over 14K likes!

The Bar & Restaurant have been tiled in various areas and all painted and updated which was last job on our list. Also a Koi Pond has been built about the same size as the swimming pool to house our growing Koi Carp collection. New Coffee Machine installation for fresh ground refreshments.

We have also had some more trees and plants put in all around the resort to create a relaxing nature feeling for you to enjoy whilst at the resort. Some off these trees will get quite large over next few years creating shaded area's and great views and scenery for all to enjoy.

Fish Stocking at TopCats For 2016
Our latest stocking for you all to enjoy !
10 Arapaima Giga all (over 1.8 meter in length)
20 Giant Siamese Carp (15 KG - 19KG)
22 Tambaqui Golden (6kg - 7KG)
4 Ripsaw Niger Catfish (60 cm in length)

All these fish were in fantastic condition and healthy & strong and should thrive in the lake to grow to substantial size. I had the question a few times as to why we keep stocking every year and the answer is to maintain catch rate and replace any fish that die. We don't get that many but some do through old age and stress also predators bite a fish that then can't recover. The lake has many breeding and some will survive but many fry will be eaten. We test our water in the lake weekly to ensure all is well and also feed with high protein food source keeping the fish strong and healthy. But as many off you may know it's a fine balance to food eaten / food fish waste / water quality. Over the past years we have worked out optimum levels and food source thats required to achieve this happy medium.

Catch Rates ? = Your Holiday Experience
This is a question that has to be answered as correctly as possible as when you visit us for a holiday you want to make sure you made the right choice. The average angler who come for 7 nights and 6 days fishing land 40/50 fish !! (All large ones from 10kg - 180kg) Over last few months anglers have landed up to 20 fish per day - 100 fish per week but we go with the lower answer as people don't like disappointment. Monthly catch rate is 3000 ++ fish which is fantastic for any lake. All Anglers on a full day Ticket are Guaranteed Catch Policy which is money back. When you go on holiday its much better to catch than blank correct ? If your a couple and want to fish and see what Koh Samui has to offer this is ideal as you don't have to spend every last moment on the bank waiting for that elusive bite. Enough said about this please talk to our customers and they will back up our claims & statements also see the hundreds photo's on our Facebook page.

Arapaima Package Option
These fantastic hard fighting predatory fish are what many Anglers dream about catching and we don't all have the time or money to take a trip up the Amazon. They are all different in colours and markings and are just amazing to watch feeding in our stock ponds where they make people jump as they go for the food. I had not fished for them for a while but made a few video clips over last few months and managed to land a 380 lbs beast with another 2 over 300 lbs all in 5 hours !! We can also report all that have fished the Arapaima Swims have landed at least 1 with max 10 in a 5 hour slot. When your on a week stay many anglers book a session to round their trip off for that trophy picture.

1 Angler for 5 Hours
Includes : Arapaima Rod + Bait + Guide Price = 10,000 THB
(Lake is stocked with over 100 Arapaima between 30kg - 180kg)

Fishing Shows (20% Discounts Available)

The Carp Society
Winter Show Sandown 28/29 November 2015

Carpin - On
Five Lakes Resort Essex 12/13 March 2016

The Big One
Farnbourough 19/20 March 2016

TopCats will be represented at the above shows over the coming months and look forward to meeting potential customers and catching up with past customers and friends. We will try to answer any questions you may have about your trip and take your deposit or full payment for your trip. At the Shows we give you a great deal thats secured with as little as £150.00 deposit for a holiday taken within 12 months from the Show date.

Also the Raffle will be held at each show with two holidays up for grabs per Show:
Lakeside Bungalow 7 nights & 6 days Fishing Value : £1000.00
Lakeside Houseboat 7 nights & 6 Days Fishing Value : £800.00

Tickets are £5.00 Each or 3 for £10.00

Thailands Carp Masters Tournament (First for Thailand)
We have been able to put in place a carp tournament for all you competitive anglers out their that would like to visit TopCats and have a chance to win some prize money. This event will be held in November 6th - 13th 2016 Prize fund at present over £5000.00 with a first prize £2500.00 + Trophy, Second £1000.00 + Trophy, Third Weeks Holiday.

Various other prize daily highest weight and largest Carp over the week and will be all filmed and uploaded and shown on TV.

We hope that this goes well and will run every year with the possibility to have events twice per year in June / November. Their will be only 10 competitors per tournament with entry on a first come basis with waiting list for any cancelations etc. This will be a equal opportunity tournament with bait limit and pegs drawn on a daily basis. You have to be in this to win it and if you need any advise please email me.

Fishing at TopCats
The fishing over the last year has been very good and all our stock looks to be putting on a few pounds. We have 31 species to target and some are more elusive than others but thats what makes things interesting and people keep coming back for more. The Giant Siamese Carp are such powerful fish now with the 40/50 lbs ones fighting like you just have to experience . The Monster ones are so strong now that take quite some time to play and bring to the net even with our tackle. At TopCats we have over 300 Giant Siamese Carp stocked and all are Boilie munching machines !! Tackle we use : Century Rods / Shimano Reels / Alarms Delkim’s we provide all for your use whilst at TopCats. We have 7 types off carp for you to target all are great sport and fantastic specimens.

Tackle News
We have just taken delivery off some new Century Rods for 2016 and all staying guest will have the chance to use these with brand new Shimano Reels and Delkim Alarms. We have individual Pods made to order and are strong and very stable. We have also put in place a small Tackle Box in every swim with Catapult / Korda Crusher & Kutter for boilies and Razor blades Carp care kits - Hooks etc. You can also bring your own end Tackle and use that should you wish. Just make sure it's 45lbs up Braid for rigs and Barbless Hooks or micro Barb that is crushed down Size 2.0 Crank Korda or similar Nash Fang X Size 4 these are all for the Carp. These we have found are up to the job.. The predator Hooks we use are Gamakatsu size 18/19. Also PVA works well so bring some out as we have limited stock at this time for sale.

Latest offers:
Accommodation at TopCats is of a high standard with quality beds / Mattress and power showers etc. We have now introduced a 3 night minimum stay policy which is effective immediately . TopCats is a peaceful tranquil setting where you come to relax wind down and catch Monster fish. Come meet like minded people who like great fishing & great food and make new friends that you can share your personal best catch with over a drink at the bar. Many customers that have stayed in the new bungalows have loved them and booked up for their next trip before departure. If your thinking about a visit don't leave it to the last minute if your dates are fixed. We only allow 10 Anglers on the lake fishing with 2 rods. Also don't forget that when you book your next years trip we hold the price for you. Come every year for the next 10 years at the same price !! All the accommodation has FREE Wifi to all guests that works all around the resort from your fishing sala to your Bungalow.

Special 3 Nights & 2 Days fishing for 1 Angler
House Boats 12,000 THB
Lakeside Bungalow 15,000 THB
Lakeside Suite Bungalow 18,000 THB

Lakeside Suite Bungalows have now latest TV Premiere True Vision installed with over 200 channels including BBC knowledge & Entertainment Cinemax HBO Fox Discovery Animal Planet & Fox Sports. These are all FREE to you when you stay for your enjoyment.

Exclusive Lake Hire for max 10 Anglers and 10 partners (20 People) 7 nights 5 full days of fishing
Price 6250 GBP or 350,000 THB
Includes: All Tackle Hire & 1 Bait Pack per day /per Angler.

(Extra Cost for Food / Drinks & Boilies extra Bait packs) Arapaima swims are also Extra cost.

I have had several enquires about booking out the lake and have put a great price together for a family or group to have exclusive use off TopCats Fishing Resort.

Thats about it for this Newsletter and I would like to thank you all for reading this and hope to see you on the bank over the next few months. Shaun & the TopCats Team.