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TopCats Newsletter May 2010
The Resort
What have we been up to at the resort you may ask? Building a new swim for boat number six is the answer, we have now completed the work which took a little longer than expected. This boat (number 6 VIP) is larger than most! It has a flat screen TV/DVD, sumptuous queen bed and Sofa for relaxing after a hard day on the rods! It also has full air-conditioning, power shower, fridge tea and coffee making facilities and veranda.
You step from your boat walk its length and there you have a sala and fishing platform. I have spoken to a few people visiting who were very interested in this area of the lake as it’s the furthest point away from the restaurant area and looks a prime fish location hot spot. As this newsletter goes out we have two bookings for this boat already so if you fancy this special spot book early as it will be very popular. Other work this month has been installation for another oxygen pump and holding tank for our fish. Also the back perimeter fence has been repaired, the over grown plantation made tidy and we have now installed more lighting around the lake helping with the evening fishing.
The Fishing
Species : Arapaima, Piraruca (Arapaima gigas)
Description: The Arapaima is a boney tongue fish which has large scales in various colours from olive green to silver grey and turn to blood red/pink with bright red edges towards it’s posterior and tail. The scales on large Arapaima can reach 6cm in length. The Arapaima is native in the Amazon basin and is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Arapaima reaches sizes of up to 15 feet in length and is one of the rarest large freshwater predatory fish left on this planet. These fish can be fussy feeders but for an exciting fishing experience are well worth the effort for any angler who wants to catch a large specimen of the world’s ultimate freshwater predator. Arapaima can be found cruising around the upper levels of its territory hunting for food as well as lurking deep down around weed beds and snags where it will ambush prey fish. Arapaima has to surface occasionally for oxygen and make a loud gulping noise when they do and role their massive and beautiful red tails as if to taunt you. Our Arapaima like to rub against the boats so when you’re sleeping and hear a thud it may be one just letting you know you’re sleeping on his turf so take a look out the window and you may spot the fish of your dreams.
How to catch the Arapaima? Here at TopCats we have many varying in size from 10KG to the current lake record of 110KG. The tackle required has to be strong, we use Black cat rods 3m long with Shimano long cast reels, 35Lbs Pro Tough line, 120 Lbs braid for rigs. Our fishing guides will put you on the spots and help for that trophy photo. These fish can jump up to 10 feet out of the water once hooked and the fight is immense. Fancy doing battle with one give us a call and book your session.
Paul & Andy Carroll ( Premiership football player):
We had a visit from the Newcastle striker Andy Carroll who wanted to relax after a tough season. He came with his father in-law Paul who has been before to TopCats early in the year. They were looking for big fish and were not disappointed. Andy caught a 130 Lbs Mekong Catfish, Paul a 55 Lbs Redtail Catfish and a 48Lbs Siamese Carp to name just a few. Hope all goes well for next season and see you next time.
Steve came for a few day sessions and was rewarded well with multiple catches, he caught Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, and Arapaima to name a few. Well done and hope to see you back soon.
Neil & Julie:
We had a visit from two very keen anglers Neil and Julie who have not been to Thailand before so did not know what to expect out here. They were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed their week with us. Some great fish where caught over their week Arapaima , Siamese Carp and Redtails. Take a look at our photo gallery for more catch pictures.
Special Offer
With the exchange rate going down over the last couple of months everyone is finding it more expensive for holidays in Thailand so we are giving you the option to pay in sterling for your holiday.
Our prices advertised rates are currently at 56 Thai Baht to the Pound so pay us in the quoted pound price when booking and save yourself up to 20% at current exchange rates!
To qualify for this reduction we ask that you pay for your holiday in full when booking.