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TopCats Newsletter September 2011
The Resort
Hello to all our regular readers and thank you for all your support over the last six months as we have had some difficult times to deal with. The rain came very heavy towards the end of March and because of the ground being saturated all across Koh Samui flooding was spread all across the Island and we had a fence/wall washed down which allowed water to pour into our lake raising it about 1 meter in 30 min !! We were lucky that no fish could escape as the lake is totally enclosed with only the over flow gates working flat out to try to lower the water levels. This took about 3 days to go down and the water went darker as all the force from that water washed dirt and sand around the lake, we then put all our Oxygen pumps on full which we have all around the lake now and the water took about 2 weeks to clear. We did not allow fishing for about 7 days as the fish need time to calm down after their habitat was disrupted and we gave them a good feed up. Once fishing started again it was the Retails that started to be caught first and then all the other fish started to go on the munch!!

With all the water that came in two of our Boats were damaged or should we say sunk !! We had help from the local people and army who all winched the two boats out which was great it took three days but they were back up. These boats weigh in excess of 5 Tons so very hard work and a big thank you goes out to all that helped as we could not have done it alone. We then had the job to clean the boats out remove all fixtures and fittings and repaint and connect services etc. At this time we have five Boats up and running and will have number six ready for our high season so all nearly back as it was.

With all this flooding and damage we had to deal with our staff as they got quite scared with all the water and made them really upset about things, so if you did visit and found us a little pre-occupied or not quite themselves please understand.

We have been hard at work also or we should say the local builders have been fixing the surrounding wall which we raised and rebuilt with 1 feet thick reinforced concrete. This has been done so if we get any more floods our lake should stay safe. The fence has been all replaced now and looks very nice and to the left side from our restaurant a concrete walkway put in with two new swims in place which are hot spots at present. Also the Restaurant has had a new roof put on and extended and now feels much larger when you walk in so we are fast becoming a first class resort as many customers have said. That’s about enough from me about past news let’s move onto the fishing.
The Fishing
Species: Alligator Gar (Thai name Pla Jonakay)
These fish are quite distinctive with the long head just like an Alligator with sharp teeth and long body with a white/cream belly. These fish can breathe air and survive for about hour out from the water. The fish are found in southeastern United States and came to Thailand for the aquarium trade and Thais will pay vast amounts of money for a platinum colored one as seen sign of wealth. At TopCats we have some large examples now over 2 meters in length weight 75 Lbs which is big for this fish. Fishing for these use dead fish bait on the bottom and you will find they play with the bait and the alarm will beep beep a distinctive kind of take, hard to hook so you will miss a few but patience will pay dividends . Once you have one on some fight at first then come in easy others the large ones fight like a carp until they break surface, watch out once in the net as don’t like their picture taken and thrash around trying to get free so watch your fingers as their razor sharp teeth will open you up. Recently we have had them take liking to boilies.
Catch Report
Steve & John:
We had a return visit from Steve and John from Oman and they had some fun catching many fish and two very special Julians Golden Prize Carp.
Jasper & Graham:
Jasper and Graham came to visit from Wembley and had a good week to say the least, both have been to france and cought big fish but were blown away by the fishing here. Graham has been back twice in six months and both are due back soon.
Howard came to visit for the after noon session and was into the action very quickly with a variety fish and this nice Giant Siamese Carp.
John came back to visit and was happy to sit it out and wait for a large one and was duly rewarded with a Giant Siamese Carp.
Oz & Lynn:
Oz & Lynn came back to visit for a week and had another great week, many fish and good time around Samui. Caught some very nice Giant Siamese Carp, Redtails, Arapima.
Other News

We have had many Giant Siamese Carp now over the 100 Lbs and these are fantastic pristine examples and we please ask you allow the guide to help with the picture. These fish are once in a lifetime capture and we appreciate that you are very excited but the most important thing is looking after that fish. Maximum two pictures and when we say that’s it put back in the net please obey our rules and allow the old warrior to live well. The carp are growing very well this is due to the water quality and the protein/vitamin from their food source and won’t be too long for the 150 Lbs fish to visit the bank/net so watch out for our Face book updates and if you catch that one we will give you a free 3 night stay with two days fishing.

Free three nights stay and two full days fishing for the lucky customer with a 150 LBS plus Carp.

Dial A Flight: We have now linked up with Dial A Flight and you can contact them for flights, The person to ask for Keely Tel. 01732 592115 and they will quote you what’s on offer. Just let them know your visiting Topcats and you will get our discount price.

We still offer you a discount if you pay for your trip in full when booking works out 10% - 15% varies with exchange rate. The cost for Accommodation and Fishing price includes all Tackle hire but with extra cost:

Fishing Bait we do not include this as will vary depending which fish you target and some people use more than others. Please allow for this cost when budgeting for you holiday.

Bait Prices: Boilies 350 THB per KG , Maize 100 THB per KG, Method mix 50 THB per KG, Dead fish yellow fin tuna 150 THB per KG.