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TopCats Newsletter June 2010
The Resort
June has been very hot some days and then pleasantly cool with a nice breeze across the lake at sundown.
We have been re-decorating the bar and restaurant, time permitting and also giving the outside a lick of paint keep our standards high.
What kind of lake is TopCats?
I have been asked this question many times over the last year and now that we have been here a full 12 months I feel that I can give my honest feedback.
The lake is 4.5 acres, 80% is up to 20 feet deep and the shallow areas a minimum of 12 feet deep. The bank side is about 4 feet deep and the bottom is sand/clay with some gravel spots.
What is the catch rate?
Well this has to be seen to be believed! In a six hour session you could catch 3 fish to 23 fish! No other place has seen such fish sizes and catch rates. So to all those who ask - Will I catch anything? The answer is yes and most probably a personal best at that.
With people working more and more and having less spare time they need a place to fulfill their dreams and get that photo in a short space of time. Not camp out for a week for one or two fish. If that sounds like you then TopCats is the place.
What size are the fish?
This is one consideration when booking a holiday, but - What would my catch rate be? and What service do you provide? would be my question's
  • You have all tackle provided
  • A fishing guide with you at all times
  • Waitress service bringing your food and drink to your swim
Prices here are fair and we have been told we are too cheap for the service we provide, but fishing is for everyone not just the rich. When you’re comparing our prices with other resorts do not think that the most expensive is the best. Take a little bit more time researching and you may be surprised!
The Fishing
Species: Mekong Giant Catfish (Pangasianodon gigas)
The Mekong giant catfish is a species of catfish in the shark catfish family, native to the Mekong basin in Southeast Asia. These fish are without doubt the largest of the catfish family also the largest freshwater fish ever recorded. It is a grey to white in colour, has no teeth and is the only catfish without barbles in adulthood, although juveniles of the species are known to have small teeth and barbells which they lose as they reach maturity. This is because their diet includes small crabs, snails, and insects which they use barbells to locate in muddy waters and teeth to crush hard shells of these small invertebrates.
As the fish mature the Mekong Catfish loses its barbels and small teeth and becomes almost completely vegetarian feeding on algae, aquatic weeds reaching weights up to 150kg - 200kg in only six years. The world record for the Mekong Giant Catfish is over 295kg and a length of over 3 meters. These fish mainly live in the lower part of the Mekong River system in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.
How to catch Giant Mekong Catfish:
Here at TopCats we have some large ones for you to catch and pound for pound put up a fight that leaves you thinking you have just had a gym workout. All the tackle is beefed up - Shimano Catfish rods and Shimano long cast reels with 35lb mono line. We use method feeders from Korda and Korda wide gape hooks with hair rigs made from 80lb braid. Bait? Well these fish are ravenous and our method mix and maize or boilies work well but be warned they will eat a tennis ball size bait on the drop!
The more you put in the more action you will receive. Always a hungry beast! You have read all about the Giant Mekong Catfish now so book your trip and let battle commence on the bank at TopCats.
Catch Report
Lynn & Oz:
Lynn and Oz joined us for a five day trip to catch what they could. Did they catch? Yes lots and lots. Oz had been here last year for a day session when we first took over and said he would be back. It was quite funny when they told me where they live in the UK as I lived in the same area years ago - Worcester which is a peaceful place!
Richard came to visit for 11 days and this was his second trip to TopCats this year. He was eager to get the rods out as soon as possible so as soon as we brought him back from the airport he had some breakfast, dropped his bags in the boat and was fishing. He bought some Mainline popup with various flavours to try and he caught some really nice fish. Indian Carp and Giant Siamese Carp to name just a couple.
John & Donna:
John & Donna came to visit after problems with their flight, due to that volcano! They had to cancel but we changed dates for them and they arrived one month behind schedule. This was their first trip to Thailand and they did not know what to expect, but I think they were pleasantly surprised.
They stayed for two weeks, both of them fishing and they had many, many fish. I was not logging all the fish but John was and he told me they had up to 95 fish, over 2.5 ton in weight and the Giant Siamese Carp that Donna caught was 90lbs. John said “fantastic fishing and great food, we will be back next year”.
Thank you both for your great feedback and the pictures you sent us, see you soon, Shaun and Bim.