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TopCats Newsletter July 2010
The Resort
Once again a big thank you to all our customers who keep coming back to enjoy the resort and fishing that is second to none. July has been hot mostly but rain has hit the Island for evening time over the last two weeks, which dropped the temperature and made sleeping that little more comfortable.

We have now painted all around the resort and fixed all the perimeter fences and put new gates up for security and privacy whilst here. When you walk into Topcats it’s like another world you feel a calm relaxed atmosphere that has to be experienced. You could quite easily spend a week here and not go off site as all your needs are catered for.
The Fishing
Species: Redtail Catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)
The Redtail catfish is a long whiskered fish named for its red or orange caudal fin. In Venezuela it is known as cajaro and in Brazil it is known as pirarara, this fish originates from South America Amazon River and is only found in fresh water. Despite reaching a large size is a common aquarium fish.What do these fish eat you ask? They eat small fish and to catch one use fish bait on the bottom as they scavenge around looking for their next meal. They can be ferocious feeders and here at TopCats love a boilie or two. The fish shed their skin just like a snake and when they are shedding go of feeding for short while. These fish are very hardy and can put up immense fight just like a Mekong but once in the net are like a baby!! Love having their photo taken and grunt as you lift them out from the water. These are one off the most beautiful catfish you will ever see so look after them and return to the water ASAP.
Redtail Catfish here at TopCats Koh Samui are the daddy’s and size and numbers have to be seen. The largest one here is called Harry and was last scaled at 146 LBS and is truly a stunning specimen but we have over 300 Redtails. At least 10 are now 100 LBS plus so you won’t be disappointed if you want to catch one but we can’t promise Harry!
Species: Julian’s Golden Prize Carp (Probarbus jullieni)
The Julian’s Golden Prize carp is regarded by many as the prettiest carp specie hence the name. The golden scales with vivid black lines running the full length of the body and black and red tipped fins make a stunning fish. I was targeting these for some time as none were caught for two years by previous anglers and we were all saying are there any in here ? I had my doubts also so went looking for some hot spots here at TopCats and was lucky.
These fish are native to Thailand but locals like to eat them, they are farmed and at any local market small fish can be bought around 1-2 Lbs in weight. They need fast moving water to reproduce and are not native to lakes but thrive in them and grow very well. They love sandy or gravel areas where they feed on mollusks and shrimp and love maize/corn.
Here at TopCats the Julian’s Golden Prize carp are stunning and well worth the wait. The methods used to catch these elusive fish are hair rigs with maize/corn or small boilie over a bed or ground bait on your sandy spot!! Our guides will help you find the hot or going area but be ready as when they take they run fast and jump. They are a hard fighting fish for their size and here we have them up to 55 LBS so be lucky. We have some stock fish that will be released in November Julian’s Golden Prize Carp at 19/25 LBS so fancy catching one of the virgin fish book your spot now.
Catch Report
Gary & Shane:
Early in the month Gary and Shane spent some time at TopCats, relaxing around the pool when not fishing and playing pool in the evening time. They had some good luck fishing catching Giant Siamese Carp, Redtail Catfish and Arapaima Gigas well done. We hope to see you back for a week later in the year.
We had a second visit from Ari from Finland who bought his family for a few days fishing. Ari travels extensively fishing around the world and writing for the angling press and told us you have one of the best lakes in the world!! He had multiple catches of Giant Siamese Carp, Redtail Catfish and Arapaima Gigas and a very special Leopard Catfish. He plans a trip next year with many anglers from Finland and we look forward to that but book up soon as we are getting busier now.
The next angler was Tony and his wife who was on honeymoon but had to do some fishing. This was their first time in Thailand and loved the place saying how friendly the people were and the food was fantastic. Tony caught some nice fish and has already booked a week in October for some more action see you then.
Other News
We are now getting quite full for bookings in December and many of you are asking what our plan is over Christmas period. We do not fish on the 25/12/10 but have special dinner for all our guests and many local people who live here, this is a relaxed day to enjoy the food have a glass of wine or whatever your tipple. I would advise all those who have not booked but told me you’re thinking about visiting over this time book soon as limited space. All the people who like to come on day tickets over this time will also need to book as last year walk in customers were waiting nearly two weeks for a spot on the lake and this year more people have already booked a spot.