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TopCats Newsletter August 2012
The Resort

Hello to all our regular readers and hope all you’re fishing dreams have come true over the last few months. We have been flat out here, busy every day from November – July with people staying at the resort and day ticket anglers wanting to experience the thrill from big game fishing in a lake!! That is what lots of the Australians customers have been saying.

The resort has had a few changes when time has permitted with the entrance to the Bar now has full enclosure with large double doors and new fans and decor in the Restaurant etc.

We have also installed CCTV all around the resort for peace of mind for customers and also we can see from several areas if help is required for customers whilst fishing or swimming etc. Free Wi-Fi system has been updated with a stronger signal box that depending on your phone or computer will reach the fishing areas also in the boats for your use whilst here.

Accommodation at Topcats is on our docked house Boats which are solid standing only two off the boats that rock a little when the water is high so you won’t get sea sick on them!! The two VIP Boats have high head room 7 feet and are very spacious with double beds and chair/sofa also TV/DVD, Tea/coffee making facilities and fridge. All have Air/con - fans and hot water showers flushing Toilets and one has a bath tub for you to enjoy. Also just fitted safe on the boats to lock away your valuables. 

The Boats are now all good with repairs to all wood completed and new roof sheets and painting inside and out and look very nice from all angles and hope you enjoy your stay when you next visit us. Please book in advance for your stay as many customers are booking for the following year once they have visited once.

The price we have put together for your week stay includes accommodation all fishing tackle hire and fishing cost which at 33,000 THB is fantastic value (This works out to £685.00 at today’s rate but pay up front and save £595.00 saving £85.00 or 15%). Only extra are your food and drink and fishing bait cost. We have been told we are too cheap by many customers for the service provided the fishing experience that is second to none where you could hook into Giant fish and smash your PB. The answer that we give is fishing is for everyone and we would like you to come back for more and tell all your friends about us and this has been working as we are now getting busy all year round. Thank you to all who have spread the word about TopCats and welcome you back year after year for a day or week or more.  Please book as soon as you have your dates confirmed as we only allow set numbers on the lake and we are getting full very quickly now.

We now also have a facebook page where you can post you pictures and video from your visit so please feel free to do this. Also once you have liked the page we will give you 5% discount from your bill on your next visit. Previous to this we were using my facebook profile Shaun McNutt but so many people wanted to be friends we needed to create a new business page so if you are friends with me already just follow the link to the TopCats page and like it. Thanks for this as we would like to build a following where you can see other people who have visited and what they have caught and bait used etc. I will still be uploading pictures to my page also the YouTube account for our video. People are now booking via facebook so things are changing rapidly in the information technology world.
The Fishing: New Fish Stocking
Over the last few months we have stocked some new species as follows:
Asian Redtail Catfish (30 x 5-10KG)
Wallago Attu (35 x 5-10KG)
Wallago Leeri (35 x 5-8KG)
Chao phraya Catfish (10 x 5-8KG)
Giant Siamese Carp  (30 x 10-12KG)

As with most fish at TopCats these won’t take long to grow and several have been caught already. The number species is up to 30 now and size from 5 KG to 130 KG so plenty for you to target on your next trip. A very special fish also could be here soon Indian Mahseer which if all goes to plan will be here in November; these are a beautiful looking fish and fight like crazy so please look out for our stocking video on facebook. Carpworld magazine in the UK have been publishing our catch report recently so please send me a short write up and couple pictures and you could be in the next issue!! The korda boys have also put up video about us on their website also information about our VIP House boats so please take a
Catch Report
Steve Myers & Son:
Steve Myers and his son visited for 10 days and also had two friends from his army day’s stay for 5 days all fishing together and having some fun. They caught all their target fish and more and will be back later this year for more. Giant Siamese Carp & Chao Phraya.
Joe Riley and his family visited for their regular day and were lucky with a Niger Catfish which took a liking to Scopex boilies and was impressed with the size and markings on this preastoric looking fish. Well done Joe and see you soon.
Niger or Ripsaw catfish
are native to South America; they like muddy areas and like to sift along the bottom of the lake looking for food. If you spot clouds of bubbles in the lake it could be a Niger feeding. The body of these fish is razor sharp in places so please let the fishing guide unhook and give you gloves or a towel to hold the fish for a picture. TopCats has some quite large ones and all recently have taken a liking to a boilie small ones seem to do the business with a small hook.
Paul & Andy:
First visit to Thailand and first visit to TopCats!! they sent me a email after their stay which speaks for itself : Top class fishing – Top class Resort – fantastic Staff and the fishing is what dreams are made off thanks for a great stay and will be back soon. TopCats is the Land of the Giants!!
Jeff 40th Birthday Trip:
Jeff had booked the trip 18 months in advance and visited with 5 friends for a birthday treat to remember. The boys had a great stay and fishing was good, a couple had not done much fishing before so where in for a shock when Mr Mekong took the bait!! Dave keep everyone entertained whilst fishing and in the bar and hope to see you all back next time.
Peter Green:
Peter visited for the first time and was targeting the carp and was rewarded with many many fish, the Boilies were working well as he kept joking about conditioning the fish for me with all the boilies he was putting in the lake. Thanks Peter and will have 50 KG ready for you next trip.
Andrew & Jordan:
This was their second visit for 5 days and both were fishing and had some luck to say the least with Arapaima and Leopard Catfish and Wallago from a fantastic haul which was great for them and hope to see you back next year.
Mathew & Mark:
This was their first visit to Thailand and TopCats and was a great trip. Will be back!! The pair used different bait over their 10 day stay and the results showed, Mathew was targeting Arapaima and predators and Mekong and caught plenty. Mark used the Boilies as was after the Siamese Carp and he had loads over his stay also a Wallago catfish. This showed how the carp have become happy eating the TopCats special boilies and these help them pack on the pounds and keep in top condition.
Other News
New Lakeside Bungalows
As we have said we are getting more and more people wanting to stay at the resort so we are having some new bungalows being built around the resort soon so if you don’t fancy staying on one of the houseboats you will have the option for a lake side bungalow whilst here. We are not taking booking for these yet as with any building work out here I like to have all finished and tested. We will send out information once these are ready for occupancy but first two should be ready for December 2012.

Fish Growth Rates
All the fish at Topcats are growing at fantastic rates we are now into our fourth year and from then 2009 many fish have put on a few pounds. Giant Siamese Carp which we have been monitoring are gaining around 5/10 kg per year. This is a fantastic growth rate and let’s hope they keep going strong. The Arapaima are also putting on the pounds we have around 15 fish that are over 250 Lbs in the lake and 30 in our stock pond pushing 200 Lbs. Redtails are also packing on the pounds and have been taking a liking to our boilies with Harry pushing the scales to close to the 200 Lbs mark (185 Lbs) last capture. The big Mekong are getting harder to catch only seem to slip up once or twice a month but these are over 200 Lbs now and if you hook into one be warned you could be fighting this for over one hour!!

Fishing Rods/Reels/Tackle Suppliers
We have been testing a variety of rods and reels out here as many are just not up to the job and break or strip gears etc. We have been approached by several manufactures to supply us with custom built rods for TopCats and waiting their samples to test. If you are a rod builder and would like us to put you rods to the test please contact us or send us some samples and let our customers put them through a tough fight with one of the giant fish that we are famous for. Suppliers you could be getting your product in front of thousands of potential buyers and that can only generate you more business. We have over 800 customers per month and their guests visit each month that’s loads of people talking about your products’!!

Thailand is now fast becoming a fishing destination like no other, the climate and temperature promotes fish growth which is unbelievable. Enjoyable holiday experience that is second to none all year round. Be it a family holiday or boys fishing trip Thailand caters for all taste. If you have not been out here and are not sure about anything please email us and we may have the answer or point you in the right direction. The fishing out here is like France/Germany was 15 years ago in the carp and catfish world but much better. I have been fishing for 40 years now and the experience gained over that time has been immense, but I can say that if I could only fish one place in the world it would be TopCats. The amount of customers that have said to me this is the best fishing lake in the world is unbelievable and I thank them all for their great feedback. And no it’s not for sale at any price!! TopCats is The Land of the Giants in the land of Smiles and I hope to stay here many years making new friends and old ones visit time after time.