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TopCats Newsletter February 2011
The Resort
Hello to all our regular readers and sorry that we have not put out a Newsletter for a few months but we now upload video to our Utube site every month. They say a picture say’s a thousand words so a video must say a few more. If you see me walking around with the video you now know why.

Over October/November we had the rain and did it rain!! The road outside TopCats was like a river about 1 meter deep and fast flowing, the lake was getting a change over with all the rain and the fish loved it. These couple of months the Giant Siamese Carp were coming out like Mekong with customers catching up to 8/9 per day each all over the 40Lbs. So if your target fish is these wonderful looking giants take note for this year.

December/January is the peak season out on Koh Samui and we have been flat out with customers staying at the resort and day ticket visitor ’s thank you to all who have passed through our doors had a good days fishing made encouraging comments. The resort is fast getting known around the world with visitors from around the globe.

Work at TopCats has been hectic with new air/con on the VIP Boats which is whisper quiet and very cold, new roofing also to improve the efficiency on the Boats. Fishing swims have now new platforms which have been raised around 10/15 cm made from the finest hard wood which is said to last over 100 years!! All the salas have been rewired new lights and sockets for laptops or camera battery charging which our customers have asked for.
The Fishing
Species: Tiger Catfish (Thai name Pla Sira)
Also known as the Shovel nosed tiger or striped Sorubim
As with many fish in Thailand these came from the aquarium trade they are characterized by shovel like projecting jaw with an exposed brush like patch of teeth. The fish originate from the Americas. The eyes of the tiger are set to enable them to see up and down, coupled with long whiskers to feel out there food in all conditions. The body is silver with vivid black stripes and can change shades of colour to suit the environment they live in. They love hiding out in weed beds to ambush their prey.

To catch the Tigers at TopCats size from 20lbs to 55lbs we suggest using small Dead Sea fish on the bottom, fish close to the margins and vegetation. They seem to like the evening time and the takes can be savage and fast, these beautiful marked fish fight hard and must be given time to recover after capture. Take your picture quickly and then let your guide take the fish to the holding tank. If you’re lucky to catch one please send us your photo and will make the wall of fame.
Catch Report
Dave & Sharon:
We had a visit from Dave and Sharon for the UK who were here for a week when the rain was just starting, Dave had some very nice fish and was lucky with a Tiger Catfish and Redtails. Hope to see you back next year.
We had the man from the SUN newspaper reporter Paul Welford for a few days fishing and did he catch some fish!! Also caught a Tiger and large Giant Siamese Carp also Russian Catfish to only name a few. Check out our photo gallery many more. Well done to him and look forward to seeing you back and pictures of TopCats in the SUN Newspaper UK.
Dave had a week with us and caught some nice fish especially Giant Siamese Carp. Very nice guy and a pleasure to have as guest at TopCats. Hope to see you next year Shaun.
Trevor & Paul:
Trevor and Paul with son Michael have been regular visitors at TopCats and came for a hectic afternoon session. They caught many and a few got away !! They always enjoy the food and fishing and we welcome you any time Shaun.
John has been here for a week fishing and has fished all over Thailand but came to us on recommendation. He was very pleased with his fist experience at TopCats with the fish of a lifetime. Caught many Giant Siamese Carp, Arapaima, and that special Ripsaw Niger Catfish. Thanks for visiting and see you back soon.
Mick Emm and his wife came to visit from London; they booked the private swim boat and loved it. This special swim produced the goods with lots or Arapaima, Retails, Aligator Gar and that special Giant Siamese Carp. Well done to him and hope to see you back soon.
Other News
The prices at our Resort are fair and we have not increased this year as everyone is still recovering from the down turn in world economy. We have many return visitors and welcome you back and will do our best to make your stay enjoyable. Should you require any special needs let me know and will try to arrange for you.

We now have Carlsberg Larger on Draft 5% and are going down well. So fancy a cold pint in an Ice cold glass delivered to your swim? Just ask.

Remember: Our prices are in THB and the rate goes up and down but if you pay in full on booking you could save 20% on your holiday cost. One person fishing with accommodation for 7 nights and 6 full days fishing £495.00!! Free Airport Pick up service.