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TopCats Newsletter April 2010
The Resort

The last two months have been busy and the weather has been a little on the hot side over April but the fish are still on the feed. The general order was to fish in the morning 6.00am/7.00am to around 11.00am then have a dip in the pool and spot of lunch. Then a little siesta/nap back out fishing for 4.00pm for that magical evening session. We have been toping up the lake keeping the fish happy and they like the new boilies as food source many predominantly fish eating species taking a likening to Pineapple boilies!! I had a great six hour session and with some luck and skill I caught 8 Redtail Catfish up to 85Lbs one Siamese Carp at 55Lbs and a rather large Meokong at 175Lbs. I love fishing out here and never get board you just don’t know what the day will bring. The Resort is taking good shape now and we are getting reports and feedback that people enjoy their time here and want to book for holidays next year. Thanks to all the customers that have visited and let’s hope we have space for you all to visit next time, please book as soon as you know when you want to visit if your chosen dates are fixed.

The Fishing
Forget about France and big carp that can be caught there. Thailand is the land of giants and cannot be matched by any other country in the world. The largest carp species the Siamese Giant Carp is native here and reaches gigantic proportions.
These monster fish will test any angler’s skills and all carp are known for their hard fight so imagine battling a fish that is heavier than you!! Oh yes it can be done in the land of smiles. In its native habitat the Siamese giant feeds on most things like vegetation, worms, crustations and insects.
The largest ever recorded was 300KG caught in Thailand with a net. Like most barb fish species it will move around the lake hovering up food with its gigantic mouth. These fish like deep weedy water and the fight is immense fighting right up to the net with powerful runs trying to find underwater cover or snags.
You now ask how do we catch these here and the answer is using method feeder with maize/corn or boilies. So should you fancy testing your skills with these fish please book the fishing experience of a lifetime at TopCats.
John came for a few days fishing visiting us from Reading England, his target fish was the beautiful Redtail Catfish. He and his girlfriend had some nice fish over the time here and will be back towards the end of the year we hope. The fish caught were Siamese Carp an Indian Raho carp and that target Redtail Catfish, well done.
The fishing machine was back for two weeks fishing and as usual had some rather nice fish. Most people only want to catch two/three Mekong Catfish per session but not this fella, he will catch anything and want to be back in the water ASAP to catch the next one.
At some points he had three guides helping with baiting/landing/photo taking, what can we say to a man who loves his fishing this much, well done.
Ash stopped with us for a few days on his travels around the country with his girlfriend and he thinks it was definately worth the visit!
He caught one of the Julian’s Golden Prize Carp from my favorite swim also a nice Siamese Carp, well done.
Paul came to visit for a week from Bedfordshire and is really into catfishing in the UK. Before he started he asked what kind of fight do the Mekong catfish put up, is it similar to a wells catfish? I said just wait and see and you tell me after. After two days Paul was bruised from the fights and told me what a hard fighting fish and was very happy that he decided to visit us and will be back next year.
He was targeting the Arapaima for a few days and had 16 in total and over 1000kg of fish on the bank.
Jeff came for a day session and was a very infectious person who you just don’t forget. He was really into his fishing and traveled the world for fishing. His target fish was the beautiful Giant Siamese Carp to which he gave off a roar when he got one in the net! Jeff caught two Giant Siamese Carp an Arapaima and a few more on his visit. Hope to see you back later in the year.