TopCats Fishing Holidays

Most anglers will never have seen such a diverse selection of large fish in one place. There are over 4,000 fish and over 30 different species to catch. The lake is set on 6 acres (lake 5 acres) and has been designed and manicured to sit naturally within the spectacular natural environment.

Our Specimen Lake has a depth of up to 27 feet and a diverse range of gigantic fish.

Due to the perfect enviroment, the natural food chain we have created and the high protein balanced diet we feed the fish, the weight gains have to be seem to be believed.

Our helpful staff can advise you of the special techniques and baits required to catch each fish. After that it is up to you…Have a look at the fish below and try to decide which one takes your fancy.

Special Arapaima Giga Session
(100 ++ Fish Stocked)
Largest 420lbs

We have created two Arapaima Special swims that have produced great catch rate over a short time period.

These fish are a dream fish with many anglers traveling the world to catch one. The colours and size these grow to are just mind blowing and are like our own personal pets at TopCats.

We can help you to achieve your dreams with a special Arapaima package.

Giant Siamese Carp
(300 Fish Stocked)
65 over 100lbs

Carp anglers around the world trying to catch !!

At TopCats we have now 9 kinds of carp for you to target.

Giant Siamese Carp lake record 170lbs | Julians Golden Price Carp 55lbs | Cattla Indian Carp 55lbs | Rahoo Indian Carp 45lbs | Asian Silver Carp 60lbs | Koi Carp 45lbs | Common Carp35lbs | Black Shark Minnow | Chinese Carp

Bait Included

We have now included bait in the price when you stay at TopCats.

Bait pack (method mix maize / corn bread plus dead baits plus 1KG boilies).

We have found over the years this is enough bait for the day. Should you want more you can buy extra at a very reasonable rate.

We also include fishing guide assistance in all our prices. We will give you as much help as you require. Our guides will net the fish unhook and treat all hook holds with antiseptic, then do oxygen recovery ready for you to get into the water for a picture.

We Provide All Tackle

If like me and would like to bring a small tackle box with you here are a few recommendations:

Hooks: Barbless or micro barb that you would crush before use. Size 5/4 for the Carp setups & 0 /1 for the predators.

Hook links are all braid minimum 45lbs – 140lbsKrystonStrong option.

Line we only use Mono 36lbs upwards Gold Label Tackle Pro Tough.

Baiting Needle / Catapult / PVA Mesh / Bait Stops / Rig Tubing large bore / few bright colour pop – ups 12/14mm or wafters.

We dot use bobbins but if you wish can bring out your own fit to our Delkim Alarms.

Clothing for fishing T-Shirts & Shorts & Hats. Sunglasses & Sunblock factor 50++ (Most important Camera for your Trophy Shots)

We provide Century Fishing Rods Excalibur Catfish 5lbs Test curve / Shimano or Diawa Baitrnnner Reels / Delkim Fishing Bite Alarms.

We provide seated sala area with umbrellas that have power points & fans with Cool-box & cushions.