Tiger Catfish
Indigenous to South America these fish are extremely similar to the Red-Tail Leopard Catfish in their feeding patterns. All species of Red-Tail Catfish are wonderful to look at but the Tigers have a particularly beautifulpatterning. The largest examples are believed to have weighed approximately 90lbs.

Leopard Catfish
Native to South Africa these fish have been successfully introduced in several countries where their robust nature allows them to adapt to different environments.

Asian Redtail
The Asian Redtail Catfish also have extremely long whiskers attached to a flat head. The largest ones reach 80KG and over 1.3 meter length but are very rare. We have stocked these to 22KG in 2017 with many in the lake average 15/18KG and fight extremely hard for a relatively small fish.

Chao Phraya Catfish
The Chao Phraya giant catfish Juveniles and adults feed on crustaceans and fishes. Larger individuals have been known to feed on the carcasses of fowl and dogs (which are commonly used as bait). The Giant pangasius is a migratory species. These fish typically spawn just prior to the monsoon season.