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Catch Rate Important to You? Average Angler Lands 40 to 50 fish per week!!

TopCats has always been renowned as the ultimate "runs" water destination in Thailand with outstanding stock density and action. Our great lake conditions mean our fish continue to breed and grow year on year. Our huge fish of the past are now becoming real monsters! We also continue to source new fish that will enhance our stock, some of these are real river monsters. Just watch our Facebook page for latest updates.

TopCats Flyer May 2020 See Our Reviews

Perfect Holiday Specials 2020

For 2020 we have put together special packages that we feel are a great option for singles / couples that need time to explore Koh Samui and have a rest between fishing.

9 Days Fishing
14 Nights Accommodation
Lakeside Bungalow
7 Days Fishing
10 Nights Accommodation
Lakeside Bungalow

We have over 30 Species stocked in our lake: Take look at many recent captures.

Some Fish Weights

Arapaima 420lbs ++
Giant Mekong Catfish 280lbs ++
Chao Phraya 130lbs
Amazon Redtail 145lbs
Giant Siamese Carp 175lbs
Goonch Catfish 60lbs
Wallagonia Leerii105lbs

Fish Stocking 2018

Giant Mekong Catfish 280lbs ++
Ripsaw Niger Catfish
Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish | Rahu Indian Carp
Amazon Redtails | Asian Redtails
Clown Featherback | Wallagonia Leerii 105lbs ++
Julians Golden Prize Carp | Giant Siamese Carp 150lbs ++

New Species

Silver Arowana | Hovern Carp | Chinese Carp | Vundo Catfish | Salween Rita Catfish | Firewood Catfish | Goonch Catfish | Black Shark Minnow Carp

TopCats Resort

Our entire resort is tailor-made for group holidays and serious anglers.

The Poachers Paradise Restaurant serves up a diverse range of Western cuisine as well as a selection of local Thai favourites. Spend the evening in The One That Got Away Bar and relax over a few drinks.

TopCats Tackle offers expert local knowledge guides and instruction. Our shop has an extensive range of top quality rods and reels for sale or hire. Home-madeboilies are a speciality and they come in a range of flavours and sizes from 12-24mm.

We have got it all: Luxury Resort, stunning location and a tropical climate that guarantees that the only thing cold and wet are our fish!

Explore our website then Contact Us for details and advice in planning your ultimate fishing holiday of a lifetime at TopCats on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

TopCats Lake (Click map for larger view)